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  • 2018 Diary - Ulcigrai Prize 20th Edition
    Agenda - Premio Ulcigrai XX edizione – 2018
  • Ulcigrai Prize 20th Edition - 2018
    Premio Ulcigrai XX edizione – 2018

2018 Diary

Putting art from Trieste in the diary: the Circolo Aziendale Generali draws from the Assicurazioni Generali archive, selecting twelve pieces by great artists from Trieste, to make 2018 a year of beauty, enriched day after day by anecdotes regarding the artists, “sayings” and… “facts” from recent history, crosswords and naval battles.

We can’t do without our weekly diary, nor can we do without many other everyday items, listed in the “How would we do without?” column.

2018 weekly diary with extra contents and illustrations.

Graphic design: Elena Degiorgi
“How would we do without?” illustrations: Elena Degiorgi
Graphic design and layout: Laura Zucca


Ulcigrai Literary Prize Books

Since 2010, we have brought the best stories of each year to life, illustrating the collected tales by the Carlo Ulcigrai literary prize winners in bound volumes. Words and imagination take flight together.

Original illustrations and page layout for the collection.

Illustrations and graphic design: Elena Degiorgi
Graphic design and layout: Laura Zucca


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